Virtual instrument: Hitting a bridge railing

Hitting the heavy metal railing of a small bridge with the palm of my hand (in gloves) makes an interesting, vibrating and sustained sound.

Equalizer boosting the root note and the overtonesRecorded in stereo with a Zoom H4N Pro, I boosted the frequencies of the root note (which is somewhere between C2 and C#2) and its overtones (inspired by Venus Theory) and shifted the pitch down to C2.

Decent Sampler Cover As I can’t tune the railing, there is only one sample. The higher notes do not work really well, there is a kind of rattling in the attack. Possibly a pitch shifted version (without increasing the playback speed) would improve it.

A few chords, just to get an impression of the sound, without any postprocessing.

But just try it for yourself.

You will need to download the free DecentSampler to run it.