Virtual instrument: Vio(lin)a, a 3/4 violin restringed with viola strings

This weekend I came across a beautiful 3/4 violin (13"), re-stringed with viola strings by Nicola Schöllhorn. I was impressed by its sound. I am easy to impress, I guess. I am neither a violin nor viola player and the only instruments I touched until now were cheap lent school instruments. But compared to those the sound is overwhelming, so much louder, so much clarity.

This is a “recording” playing the MIDI from this easy duet arrangement of Scarborough Fair.

I sampled the open strings and created this instrument, with two or three voices panned a bit to the right and left for a nicer stereo effect. The sound is a bit harsh – it would be much nicer played by someone who can play.

Decent Sampler Cover

This is still work in progress. But a first version of a DecentSampler instrument is ready.