Virtual instrument: Beer Bottle Flute

In the shared flat I lived in during my math studies years ago, one day I build a “flute” with a collection water and beer bottles, filled with more or less water forming a scale over almost two octaves. I wasn’t really able to play it because I was hyperventilating after only a few seconds.

Now I created a virtual instrument with just one sample from a beer bottle. I had planned to record more notes, but it sounds good already, just with this one. It’s a mellow sound, reminding almost more of an organ than a flute.

This is a “recording” playing the MIDI from this easy duet arrangement of Scarborough Fair.

  1. Usable with Sforzando ↩︎

  2. See DecentSampler ↩︎

  3. Full Kontakt version required ↩︎